Autograph Information

Scifi Wales has an amazing line-up of special celebrity guests who will sign autographs for their fans throughout the day. Each guest sets their own prices for autographs, and this charge usually includes the photo or item they are signing for you.

Please note that throughout the day each guest will also take part in panels, talks and other scheduled events which may prevent them from signing autographs for a short period of time.

Special Guest appearing at Scifi Wales Autograph Price plus additional notes
Gareth David-Lloyd TBA
Sophie Aldred TBA
Rosie Jane TBA
Simon Fisher-Becker TBA
Ian Hanmore TBA
John Simpkin £15.00Includes printed photograph.
Gloria Garcia £10.00Includes printed photograph.
Tina Simmons TBA
Mark Dexter £15.00Includes printed photograph.
Steven Wickham £10.00Includes 8x10" printed photograph.
Simon Donald TBA
Andrew James Spooner TBA
Jake Dudman TBA
Whovians Web Series TBA
Dead Air TBA
Lady Nightingale TBA
Squeakeh B £10.00Includes printed photograph.
Dragon Order TBA
Jeff Cummins TBA
François Pandolfo François is no longer appearing at Scifi Wales due to work commitments.

The prices in the table above should be used as a rough guide only when deciding how much money you should bring with you to Scifi Wales, and can change from time-to-time because of various factors. Many of our special guests offer an array of items which are available to buy during the event, aside from basic photos and art prints listed above. For example authors may offer books, artists may offer sketches and framed art-prints etc. These items can be priced considerably higher than the prices displayed above.