Props & Collections to exhibit at Scifi Wales

Do you feel you could enhance the Scifi Wales experience for our attendees? Would you like to share your prop collection with our guests or perhaps attempt to exterminate the crowds with your Dalek fleet? If the answer to these questions is yes then please do get in touch with Scifi Wales. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our event, and if you are able to help out then do let us know.

If you are chosen to exhibit your props and collections at Scifi Wales, you will be given the space needed for your collection as well as other help to make your props and collections a true part of the event.

Please note that you will not be covered under our insurance policies for any props or collections you may exhibit at Scifi Wales and we advise that you book suitable insurance to cover yourself against loss, theft and damage as well as insurance to cover yourself in the rare case of injuries caused to others through your actions and displays.

Telephone 01492 437743


Props & Collections Notification Form

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