Neil Johnson

Neil Johnson

U.S. Based Film Director

Neil Brook Johnson is a U.S. based film director best known for directing and writing Science Fiction Films.

Neil is best known for his cult Sci-Fi films Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter & Humanity's End. He has appeared in over 100 television programs and radio shows world-wide. 3 full-length documentaries have been made about his films and work, notably the award-winning documentary "Lightning in a Bottle". In 2012 a "Diary of the Apocalypse" was published. A book about his career highlighting his ealier films and written by Grant Workman and Mary Workman.

He currently has 2 Science Fiction television series in production: Age Of Darkness (2018) and the Time War (2019). During Scifi Wales, Neil will have rare limited copies of his films Rogue Warrior and Chrononaut on Blu Ray available for purchase.

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Please note that Neil Johnson is appearing at Scifi Wales subject to family and work commitments.

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