Jeff Cummins

Jeff Cummins

Doctor Who Illustrator for Target Books and more

Jeff Cummins kicked off his career as an artist illustrating covers for Kung Fu Monthly and TV Sci-Fi for Felix Dennis. He went on illustrate covers for the Doctor Who range of novelizations from Target Books, where his illustrative style on such volumes as "The Mutants," "The Talons of Weng-Chiang," "Horror of Fang Rock," "The Face of Evil" and "The Three Doctors" became beloved parts of Doctor Who lore. He also illustrated the covers for the Virgin Publishing Doctor Who New Adventures "Blood Heat," "The Dimension Riders," "Theatre of War" and "Sky Pirates!"

Jeff has designed covers and book jackets for Penguin, Harper Collins and Simon & Schuster and is also well known for his work designing album covers for Paul McCartney's Wings Over America and Thrillington, Whitesnake's Live in the Heart of the City and the award winning cover for Ted Nugent's Weekend Warriors.

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Please note that Jeff Cummins is appearing at Scifi Wales subject to family and work commitments.

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