Below you will find a list of some of our most frequently asked questions. We try to continually update these questions, however if you are unable to locate an answer to your questions, please feel free to call us on 01492 437743 or email us on info@scifi.wales. Please note that from time-to-time it may become necessary to change or modify these FAQ's. Scifi Wales reserves the right to do so without notice.

The Event

General frequently asked questions about the Scifi Wales event.

Where is the event being held?

Scifi Wales is held each year in Llandudno, Conwy at the award winning Venue Cymru. Situated in a unique and outstanding sea-front location which never fails to charm; Venue Cymru offers an amazing setting to our event.

The attraction of Venue Cymru is enhanced by its location in Llandudno, a town that retains an air of quality so frequently lost by many coastal resorts. The architecture, history and atmosphere of Llandudno is unique. A wonderfully preserved promenade, delightful shopping parade plus an abundance of daytime activities and evening entertainment combine to produce a town of distinct character.

The A55 dual carriageway connects the town to both the M56 and M53; in travel terms both Manchester and Liverpool are only one hour's drive away, as are their respective airports. Direct trains run from Llandudno Junction to London Euston in just over 3 hours.

What date is the event being held on?

Scifi Wales will be held on Saturday, 1st September, 2018.

Is the event and venue accessible to all?

Both Scifi Wales and our venue are committed to ensuring that all attendees are able to fully participate in any event held in the building. The venue has been designed to suit many different people's needs and all rooms have full disabled access.

Entrance to the Venue is assisted by wide, automatic doors designed for wheelchair users and there is a dropping off point at the main entrance with plenty of room to disembark safely. In the car park at the back of Venue Cymru are 19 designated disabled parking spaces; parking is free for disabled badge holders within these spaces.

The venue has lifts to all floors which are wide enough for wheelchair users and with buttons at a suitable height. All steps are accompanied by wheelchair ramps and public areas are spacious enough to manoeuvre easily. All reception areas are equipped with low counters. Accessible toilets are available throughout the venue as well as accessible dressing rooms and shower facilities. Interior doors are wide, light and easily opened from a wheelchair.

Working / guide dogs are welcome at Scifi Wales and touch / familiarisation tours can be arranged prior to your visit. Fire alarms are visual as well as audible and fire exits are available for operation by disabled people.

What time do the doors open and close?

Scifi Wales opens its doors at 10:30 AM for standard ticket holders, 9:45 AM for priority ticket holders and 9:30 AM for VIP ticket holders. Scifi Wales closes at 5:00 PM.

Do you operate a cloakroom / bag check service?

Scifi Wales does not currently operate a cloakroom or bag check service, however if you would like to see this service in future, please let us know and if demand is high enough this service will be provided (for a nominal fee) for attendees.

Event Tickets

Frequently asked questions about ticket sales at Scifi Wales.

Can I order event tickets online?

Yes you can order tickets for Scifi Wales via our ticket agent. Tickets can be booked 24 hours a day by visiting our event tickets page.

Can I order event tickets over the phone?

Yes you can order tickets for Scifi Wales by calling our ticket agent directly on 01492 872000.

What happens if I lose my tickets?

Tickets for Scifi Wales cannot be re-issued if lost. Unfortunately if you lose your ticket, you will be required to purchase an additional ticket.

What different ticket types are available?

Three ticket types are available to purchase for Scifi Wales, standard tickets, priority tickets and VIP tickets. Information about the different ticket types can be found by visiting our event tickets page.

Do I have to pay for additional parts of the event?

Unlike other events Scifi Wales do not charge additional fees for accessing talks and panels and the majority of the event is free for any ticket holder. The exceptions to this are the VIP lounge which is reserved for VIP ticket holders only, and photo rooms which require a photo shoot ticket to be purchased. All other parts of Scifi Wales are free for our attendees to explore and enjoy. Please note that some attractions may have a limit to the number of people they can accommodate, in this instance we will usually operate a first-come, first-served policy.


Frequently asked questions about obtaining autographs at Scifi Wales.

What is the cost of autographs at the event?

Autograph prices are set by the guest signing and have nothing to do with Scifi Wales, however most guests will charge between £5.00 and £25.00 for an autographed photo. For a full and up-to-date list of autograph prices, please visit our autographs page.

Will a guest sign my personal item?

This depends on many factors including the guest, the size of the queue waiting for an autograph and the item you wish to get signed. Most of the time our celebrity guests are happy to sign personal items, but we do ask that you only bring small items to be signed. So please leave your car at home (or at least in the car park)!

Will guests pose for a photo whilst signing for me?

Most of our celebrity guests will be happy to pose for a quick photograph whilst signing an autograph for you, however this is entirely down to the guest in question and if you are asked not to take photographs, then please respect the wishes of the guest in question. Also if there is a large queue of people for a particular guest, then we ask you to be respectful of others and refrain from asking for photographs.

Are guests available all day to sign autographs?

Guests usually spend a large portion of their day signing autographs and meeting with fans, however guests also have other obligations during their time at Scifi Wales. Some guests will take part in talks and panels, as well as pre-planned photo shoots and other duties. Also remember our guests are human too (or at least most of them are), so they do require breaks for food etc. throughout the day.

Am I guaranteed to get autographs from all guests?

Although we would love to guarantee that everyone who attends Scifi Wales will get an autograph from all guests, sadly we are unable to do so. Sometimes guests are so popular that even though they spent the majority of the day signing, they still can't sign autographs for everyone. Bearing this in mind, it is a good idea to prioritise your autograph hunting on the day of Scifi Wales and get the autographs of celebrity guests you want the most first. Also remember that priority and VIP ticket holders are allowed access to the venue earlier than standard ticket holders, so please check out what ticket options are available to you on our event tickets page if obtaining autographs is an important part of your visit.

Photo Shoots

Frequently asked questions about celebrity photo shoots at Scifi Wales.

What is the cost of a photo shoot at the event?

Photo shoots vary in price depending on the celebrity appearing with you during the shoot. For a full list of prices you may visit our photo shoots page which contains a complete list of prices for every celebrity guest.

Can I buy further prints of my professional photo?

Yes you can purchase further prints at a reduced rate, just ask in the photo shoot room during your shoot for options and pricing.

Can I make copies of my photo for friends / family?

Unfortunately you are not legally allowed to make copies of our professional photos, even for friends and family. All copyright of the photos taken during photo shoots at Scifi Wales remain the property of Scifi Wales. If for whatever reason you wish to purchase additional prints after the event, then just contact us and we can assist you in doing so.

Can I take photographs in the photo shoot room?

No, unfortunately no photos are allowed to be taken by attendees in the photo shoot room.

Are the photos truly professional quality?

Yes all of our photos are printed using a professional dye-sublimation printer (the type used in professional print-houses) and will last for years to come.


Frequently asked questions about cosplay, crossplay and costuming at Scifi Wales.

Can I change into my costume at the event?

Although we ask people to come already dressed where possible, for those who can't for whatever reason we have a limited number of changing rooms available for use throughout the day. Please remember that it is your responsibility to keep all valuables safe during your visit to Scifi Wales, and we are not responsible for the loss of theft of any item left unattended.

Are there any costume / prop restrictions?

For up to date rules regarding costume and prop restrictions, please see our cosplay page.

Do you have somewhere to fix a damaged costume?

Yes we do! We have a dedicated cosplay repair station to help fix any damage that may occur to your costume either before or during an event. Although we try to stock common items such as duct tape, needles, thread etc. we can't guarantee we will have every item needed to fix your costume (but we do try).

Do I have to wear a costume to attend the event?

No, costumes are purely optional.

Will other attendees take my photo at the event?

There is always the possibility that another attendee will take your photo whilst you are at Scifi Wales, please remember that people are attending to have a good time and make memories (some of which will be in photographic form). If at any time you feel that photos are being taken inappropriately, please notify a member of our staff who will be able to deal with the situation. Whilst at Scifi Wales you may also be photographed or filmed by our official Scifi Wales photography crew as detailed in our ticket terms.


Frequently asked questions about miscellaneous items at Scifi Wales.

Can I take photos or videos at the event?

Please see our full photography policy contained within our ticket terms.

Will photos or videos be taken of me at the event?

There is always the possibility that another attendee will take your photo whilst you are at Scifi Wales, please remember that people are attending to have a good time and make memories (some of which will be in photographic form). If at any time you feel that photos are being taken inappropriately, please notify a member of our staff who will be able to deal with the situation. Whilst at Scifi Wales you may also be photographed or filmed by our official Scifi Wales photography crew as detailed in our ticket terms.

Are you accepting steward applications?

No steward applications are being taken for Scifi Wales.

Where is the nearest bank or cashpoint?

The nearest cashpoint is located within our venue, so you are always close to your cash at Scifi Wales. It is worth noting however that a small charge is made by the on-site cashpoint. The nearest banks are just a short walk away and located on Mostyn Street in Llandudno town centre.

I would like to exhibit, advertise or trade...

Great, thank you for deciding to be a part of Scifi Wales. Please visit our traders page, props and collections page or our corporate sponsorship page.