The term cosplay is a Japanese portmanteau (combination of two or more words in to one new word) for the words costume and play and was coined in 1983 during the World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles.


Today cosplay is enjoyed by millions of people all around the world, and many don't need an excuse to escape the rigors of life and step into their alter-ego for one day at a convention. Scifi Wales encourages all attendees young and old to dress up and enjoy the world of cosplay! We also have limited changing facilities for anyone with more intricate costumes wishing to change once they arrive at the event. Just let go and enter into the spirit of fun, you never know... you just might like it!

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Cosplay Competition great fun with amazing prizes

For some the most important part of the event! Our cosplay competition attracts participants from all around the UK and beyond. Taking advice from top cosplayers, this attraction is not to be missed.

Take part or watch, the choice is yours at this year's cosplay competition at Scifi Wales, the claws are out (literally!) and the challenge is on to find the UK's top cosplayer, all while having a lot of fun. With some amazing prizes, it's time to roll up for the hottest show in town! Sign-up is on the day at our dedicated sign-up positions located near the cosplay stage, but be quick as spots fill up quickly! If you do decide to enter, you may just walk away from Scifi Wales with the title of top UK cosplayer 2018.

Cosplay Competition
Changing Facilities

Changing Facilities at Scifi Wales

While we hope most cosplayers will visit Scifi Wales already "dressed to impress", for those with more delicate or awkward costumes we do have several changing rooms available at Scifi Wales.

We can't guarantee availability at any given time, but those cosplayers requiring changing facilities will find Scifi Wales does its very best to accommodate you. If you do require changing facilities upon your arrival to the venue, or during the course of the day, then please let a member of staff know and someone will guide you to our changing facilities. If all changing rooms are occupied, we kindly ask that you wait for one to become available and respect the people already changing.

Weapon Policy to keep everyone safe

We realise weapons can play an important role when trying to cosplay a certain character, but the health and safety of all attendees at Scifi Wales is the foremost concern for the team behind the event.

With this in mind, please understand that a number of items are not allowed into our venue, or indeed around the venue itself. Although this list is far from exhaustive, the general rule of thumb is that any weapon that can or could be modified to fire a projectile is banned, any bladed weapon (sharp or blunt) is banned and any bulky weapon which could be used to strike people is banned. If in doubt about ANY weapon, please email for clarification. Anyone found to be ignoring these rules or attempting to smuggle weapons into the event will be refused entry.

Weapon Policy