Believe it or not (we believe!), today is "Paranormal Day", a yearly event started back in 2013 celebrating all the things we cannot explain. In fact, a study by top UFO expert Nick Pope for Grolsch beer revealed that The Great Orme in Llandudno is the third most likely place in Great Britain to be abducted by aliens! With this revelation in mind, the team here at Scifi Wales have decided to look at some of the unexplained phenomenon reported in recent years here in Llandudno, Conwy County and North Wales in general...

Purple Triangular Craft - The Little Orme, Llandudno - November 1997

During November 1997, a family driving near the Little Orme in Llandudno reportedly lost hours of memories after their car was engulfed by a purple triangular craft. The family who were too afraid to be identified allegedly were visited by air force personnel and instructed not to speak of the incident. The male driver of the car also suffered from problems with his teeth and during a check-up at his dentist, a black unidentified object was removed from his mouth.

A business man from the area also came forward to report seeing a UFO that night, describing it as a “giant spinning top”. Claims were also made of an elderly man who lived on the Little Orme who was terrified by beams of light over several nights before the incident.

Easter Egg UFO – Llandudno - March 2015

Llandudno residents Robert and Susie Hale reported seeing a strange and unusual Easter egg shaped object in the sky above their home in Ffordd Elisabeth close to the Great Orme. The couple described the object as gliding through the sky before making sudden jumping manoeuvres and transforming into a spherical object before speeding away into the clouds.

Weeks later during a walk along a footpath leading to the summit of the Great Orme they once again claimed to spot a UFO, this time describing it as a vivid ball of light which hovered above them. Over the coming months, the couple reported a further two sightings of the strange objects in Llandudno. Susie commented on the sightings saying, “We never used to believe in these things but we are seeing them so often that we’ve changed our minds.”

White Fuzzy Object - Colwyn Bay - January 1982

Just minutes from Llandudno is the coastal town of Colwyn Bay and in January 1982 a student from Rydal School saw a white fuzzy object hovering in the sky, speaking after the event, the student Alex Brereton claimed it was a UFO. The unexplained event happened between the hours of 1am and 2am when Alex was awoken by a strange noise. Initially thinking it was a plane, Alex looked out of his window to see "this white rocket that was bright". Alex quickly reached for his glasses by which time the object has stopped and was hovering with flashing lights.

Eventually the UFO sped away at great speed and seemed to change shape. Looking back on the incident, Alex said, "I should have awakened someone I suppose" adding "Only I didn't think".

Broad Haven Primary School Silver Man - Pembrokeshire - February 1977

A class of schoolchildren who were playing football at their school reported seeing a spacecraft near their playground. The craft was described as cigar shaped and glowing and is supposed to have landed in a nearby field. One of the schoolchildren, a boy named David George who was nine at the time of the sighting described seeing a, “silver man with spiked ears” near to the UFO.

A few weeks later the same craft was allegedly seen by one of the Broad Haven Primary School teachers and two dinner ladies, with one of the ladies claiming to see a figure board the UFO before it flew away.

The MoD officially paid no interest to the claims, however recently released MoD files show that the organisation called for a “discreet enquiry” into the incident after a number of “level-headed” witnesses had come forward to report the sightings.

The Truth Is Out There

Whatever your beliefs, whatever your opinions, one thing is sure… Llandudno, Conwy and North Wales have had many strange sightings over a number of years, leading to investigation by the British authorities. Are you a believer? If so why not take a look up at the night sky when you visit Scifi Wales this September, you never know what you may see!