We're pleased to announce that Sophie Aldred, know to Doctor Who fans everywhere as companion Ace will be travelling through space and time this year to be a guest at Scifi Wales! Sophie joined the cast of Doctor Who back in 1987 for the "Dragonfire" story, the final of season 24 and her tenure on the show spanned the last nine stories of the programme's original run, which ended in 1989. Playing alongside the seventh Doctor, the character of Ace wasn't afraid to tackle the Doctor's enemies head-on, utilising her canisters of Nitro-9 and her trusty baseball bat!

As well as her time on Doctor Who, Sophie Aldred has also worked on sci-fi and fantasy projects including The Minister of Chance, Cops and Monsters and is currently playing the role of a NASA Space Centre gift shop manager in Trev and Simon's sci-fi comedy audio series Strangeness in Space.

Sophie is very much looking forward to visiting Scifi Wales in Llandudno, having fond memories of her last appearance here during the Icon Convention back in 1996.