Space Precinct fans will all remember Officer Hubble Orrin, of the Demeter City Police Force helping to rid the streets of crime on planet Altor in the Epsilon Eridani system. Well we are pleased to say that Richard James who played Officer Orrin will be joining us for Scifi Wales.

Apart from Space Precinct, actor Richard James' film credits include Great Expectations acting opposite Helena Bonham Carter, a live action version of The Wind In The Willows with the Monty Python team and A Lover's Prayer in which he played Kirsten Dunst's husband. Richard has also played regular roles in numerous children's television series.

On stage, Richard has toured the UK in a theatre production of another Gerry Anderson cult television show Thunderbirds, as well as appearing in numerous other theatre productions. Richards writing credits include one act and full length comedies and plays for schools and youth groups, with his plays being produced throughout the world, often winning awards in festivals and competitions.

More information about Richard James can be found on his website, and it is a pleasure to have Richard confirmed for Scifi Wales.