Everyone needs a break from sci-fi conventions and comic cons every once in a while.. right? (Well maybe only a short one) So the team here at Scifi Wales have decided to bring you a few top tips on how to inject a little sci-fi in to your Halloween this year!

Sci-Fi Pumpkin Carving

We are all used to seeing the same old pumpkin designs of wicked faces, cats and ghosts, but the internet is now an amazing place to download templates which you can use to carve the perfect sci-fi themed pumpkin. From Doctor Who to Star Wars, and all that's in between grab your favourite template and give pumpkin carving a go and then sit back after the hard work is over and admire the results. Even better, line your drive with an army of Stormtrooper pumpkins and feel the force this Halloween.

Sci-Fi Pumpkin www.outta-this-world.com

Sci-Fi Cookies & Treats

No Halloween is complete without some tasty treats for your Halloween Party, but you can still keep with the sci-fi theme by choosing to model your cookies on shows such as The Walking Dead. Here SemiSweet has produced an amazing cookie copy of Daryl Dixon's ear necklace, certain to be a favourite with both children and adults!

Sci-Fi Treats www.semisweetdesigns.com and www.wonderfuldiy.com

Sci-Fi Cocktails & Drinks

Pumpkin... Check! Food... Check! That must leave the drinks! No Halloween party should be short of some fun cocktails and drinks, so instead of the typical floating eye-balls in pop, why not try something a little more intergalactic and opt for a space themed cocktail?

Sci-Fi Cocktails www.nerdtitan.com and www.geekychef.com