Scifi Wales is pleased to welcome Gerald Home to our line-up of Star Wars guests for Scifi Wales this September. Known by many as Squid Head, an affectionate name used by fans to describe the character of Tessek from Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, Gerald's career has included many more roles. But for Star Wars fans who grew up collecting the original Star Wars action figures, Gerald will never be anyone else!

Many people will also know Gerald has the original Mr. Muscle from the long-running series of TV commercials, but he has also starred in Spitting Image and Little Shop of Horrors.

However you remember Gerald, you can meet him this September at Scifi Wales in Llandudno, along with a whole host of other characters from a film set in a "Galaxy Far Far Away", so remember this IS the convention you are looking for and Gerald is certainly looking forward to meeting his fans in North Wales soon.