Stand By For Action! Gerry Anderson's Gemini Force 1: Ghost Mine (book two in the commissioned three part series written by author M.G. Harris) will have its worldwide launch at Scifi Wales! Usually an affair reserved for London and venues in the south of England, we are overjoyed to bring a book launch of this magnitude to North Wales!

Ghost Mine takes place after the first book with Ben Carrington's dream of being a member of Gemini Force becoming reality. But, still suffering from the deaths of his parents, it's a bitter-sweet triumph. When news reaches Gemini Force of a gang of illegal 'ghost' miners trapped after a South African mining disaster, Ben is glad to spring into action with the team. But it soon emerges that the company, Auron, doesn't want its miners found. Ben must work out who to trust if he's to ensure that Gemini Force pulls off its most difficult mission yet.

You can read more about the launch on our Gemini Force 1: Ghost Mine Book Launch page.