We are pleased to announce another Game of Thrones actor will be joining us this September at Scifi Wales, non other than the Lord of Bones himself Ross O’Hennessy! Ross made his first television appearance in 1995 playing the brash Corporal Dando in Solider Soldier alongside the series' regulars, Dougray Scott and Richard Dillane and has gone on to work on some pretty impressive shows since. With roles in Torchwood, Da Vinci's Demons, Lexx and Game of Thrones, most sci-fi fans should have seen Ross at some point on the small screen.

Ross was also cast as Sir Locke, one of the main characters in FX's television drama The Bastard Executioner. The show was set in early 14th century Wales, where a Welsh knight in the army of King Edward I of England is betrayed by an Englishman with lust for power.

As well as the small screen, Ross has also appeared on the big screen, with his movie career starting in 2001 under the directorship and guidance of Frank Pierson, the Oscar-winning Hollywood director who cast Ross in Conspiracy, a movie dramatising the infamous secret conference of leading Nazi figures held at Wannsee Manor in 1942. Since then, Ross has appeared in over 15 films.

Ross is excited at being a part of this year's Scifi Wales event and looks forward to meeting some of his many fans in Llandudno.