Scifi Wales is pleased to announce that the cast and crew of the Whovians Web Series will be joining us this year at Scifi Wales! Not only will they be on hand to answer your questions about their great web series, they will also be taking part in a special panel/Q&A session and also be filming some shots for a forth-coming episode at Scifi Wales!

Whovians follows the lives of four people... Andrew, Steph, Bradley and Liam who are all massive fans of Doctor Who. In the first series, available to view online at, we follow the characters as they queue for hours at a book signing, go to location shoots in the hope of seeing the actors, attend a Comic-Con and even have an unexpected meeting with a man who calls himself The Doctor... These four friends and their relationships with their families, loved ones and each other form the backbone to this ambitious series.

The second series is currently filming and is due for release during autumn/winter 2016.

You don't have to be a fan of Doctor Who (or even know much about it) to be able to watch and enjoy Whovians. It's an engaging comedy-drama, made with passion and enthusiasm by a small and dedicated team of people.